Monday, January 28, 2008

Braised Chicken Feet

I got this feet fetish, something I can't avoid when being confronted with. Right! I know what is running in your mind now, but I am not talking about feet licking . . . . . lol! I am talking about chicken feet, oh they are so gorgeous when they are cooked well. I am sure you have heard about this dish, thai chicken feet. This dish is so deliciously, tasty and the texture is so inviting and crunchy. As from my kitchen, I bring you yet another delicate chicken feet dish which widely cooked by the chinese folks at home and also a dish you get to taste during the chinese new year homecoming dinner celebration . . . . . Braised Chicken Feet


25 Chicken feet
10 Dried chinese mushroom
5 Large dried oyster
5 cloves Whole garlic
3 Dried cherry chillies
4 Star anise
1tsp sesame oil
3Tbspn Cooking oil
2Tbspn Oyster sauce
2Tbspn Soya Sauce
1Tbspn Dark soya sauce
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp sugar
a pinch of white pepper
2cup Water


Presoaked chinese mishroom over night and aslo dried oyster.
Wash and clean the chicken feet.
Heat up the cooking oil in a pot.
Add in peeled whole garlic and sautee for a few minute at medium heat.
Add in sesame oil and star anise. Sautee till fregrant.
Add in mushroom, dried oyster and chicken feet. Stir for few minutes.
Add in oyster sauce, soya sauce, dark soya sauce, dried chillies, pepper, salt and sugar.
Add in water.
Braised for one and half hours till the chicken is soft and tender.

This is a fantastic dish especially for those chicken feet lovers, something I can't resist! . . . . . . Sidney


SteamyKitchen said...

chicken feet!! oh how i wish i could go to the store and ask for a bag of chicken feet.

unfortunately, 'gwai lo' would think i'm crazy.

Sweet Jasmine said...

wow...i love chicken feet...i used to cook this dish by frying the chicken feet in hot oil before braising....

Sweet Jasmine said...

oh..boy...u change your template..just notice...

jadepearl said...

Wah...if my DH is over at your place, he will finished the whole plate up! Delicious!!!

bigfish_chin said...

Woowww... this is what i really love!!! I guess it is definately delicious as the pic shown!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love the new template! But no thanks to chicken feets...LOL!

Jo said...

Hi, glad to find another Malaysian food blogger. Chicken feet? Maybe I am not a true Chinese when it comes to chicken feet. I like the sauce and other things in this dish so much but strangely, not the chicken feet, which is actualy the heart of the dish, hahaha......

Unknown said...

Chicken feet!? Not so much though my dad would just love it! :)


Unknown said...

count me in ..i am another chicken feet lover espeacialy those deep fried ones and braised with big chuncky mushroom. I usually fried the chicken feet myself since it so easy to do and cleaner la. My other fav is also the thailand fong chaw ( the cruncy ones) but i heard a few horror stories fm my mates on how the deboned the chicken claw overseas .Apparently they are not allowed to serve it boneless...yikesss

Precious Pea said...

OOOOo...i love chicken feet, the gluey stuffs i was told, is good for skin. The craziest recipe i invented is to cook it with 2 cubes of nam yue and garlic. I tell you, can finish two bowls of rice with the gravy!

Unknown said...

phoenix claws!!!

my colleagues and i love them.
we had 3 steamers of it yesterday for lunch. hehe...

White on Rice Couple said...

Wow, those are really meaty looking chicken feet, full of fat and tendon! The ones we get are are really bony and not as plump. Maybe the chicken in the US just have tired feet.