Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eight Treasure Duck

Well, eight treasure duck is something very new to me although this dish had been around for ages. The process of making this duck dish usually takes about a day or two. Firstly you need to clean and wash the duck properly, then marinate with salt, pepper, five spices and coat the duck with soya sauce and dark soya sauce. Leave it for an hour or two, then deep fry the duck

Stir fry ingredients such as chestnut, lotus seed, mushroom, sliced roast pork, shrimp, button mushroom, dice onions and diced carrots with seasoning. Stuff the duck with the ingredients and double boiled with concentrated chicken soup.

This eight treasure duck is gorgeous and delicious. The meat is so tender, soft and so full of flavour. Once you open the duck cavity, you will see so many treasure of goodness in it.

If you like to try this dish just let us know a day or two earlier, so that I can prepared this dish for your dining at our restaraunt.

Yours, Steven Cheng


Beachlover said...

Wah!!I hear "pat poh gap" but never eat it b4.Don't Msia duck suppiler supply clean up duck to restaurant?.Here we can buy vaccum pack duck all clean up in supermarket so does all the restaurants.They even sell just the duck breast.hmmmm... how long you cook in double boiler?How about slow cooker?.

Big Boys Oven said...

You can cook about 8 hours in a double boiler. Slow cooker, overnight should be fine.

Cynthia said...

I seriously wish I could take you all up on that offer.

Unknown said...

slup..slup ..the duck looks reaaly appetizing with th generous filling. Btw where can i find yr restaurant?

Ti said...

Wow... its very long to cook it

Precious Pea said...

Yumz..i will try doing this at home. Hahaha..wish me luck!