Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Lat Chi Kai" Dried Chilly Chicken

Got to say that Chef Steven's "Lat Chi Kai" is one of the most delicious shanghainese chicken dish in town. I had tried a few such as those at Jalan Ah Loy cooked by a chinese chef from China, verdict not too bad but still not that tasty. I had tried Dragon-I, verdict, great but too many dried chillies, tried De Hunan's at Khucai Lama, verdict, the chicken pieces are too small and hard (deep fried to long I guess).

This "Lat Chi Kai" consists of small cut of chicken meat and deep fried and a quick stir fried with dried chillies, whole garlic and ginger. Oh I got to say it is lovely and it can be eaten by itself, rice or with the company of a few pint of beer, a truely discovery of shanghainese dish.

If you are at Chef Steven Cheng's restaurant, do not miss this lovely dish. It is one of my favourite dish where I truely recommend this to you to try.

Yours Sunny Yaw


Beachlover said...

Lat chi kai!! mana recipe?.I love this dish already,name also spicy!!!hmmmm..too bad I'm too far away,if not I'm there now chowing Lat Chi Kai better than Turkey!!

ICook4Fun said...

My gosh, this dish look soooooooooo good. Yeah, mana recipe :) :) Can I go to Chef Steve restaurant when I go home and he can cook this for me ?