Friday, December 21, 2007

Seafood Emperor Noodle Soup

I was so inspired when I was reading this book entitled "Wagamama: Ways with noodles" by Hugo Arnold. A bowl of noodle can be prepared in so many ways beyond your imagination, yet so nutritious and that caught my attention. Noodle is definite the fast food of today, the pasta of the 21st century as stated by Hugo himself, agreed and the truth. Noodle can be easily cooked, simple. Just softened them in boiling unsalted water, refreshed under cold water then combined with other ingredents. Prepeared in many ways stir fry, in broth, stew, chilled and with varies toppings.

For today's post I would like to introduce a bowl of seafood emperor noodle soup. Here I had used a variety of seafood such as large prawns, fresh mussels, fresh clams, garupa fish slices, greens, emperor noodle and chicken broth.

A bowl of noodle:

2 large fresh prawns
5 large fresh mussels
5 large fresh clams
3 slices of garupa fish
1 dry emperor noodle
350ml chicken stock
2 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves

season the prawns, mussels, clams and garupa slices in a bowl. Put the emperor noodle into the boiled unsalted water to softened the noodle. Refreshed under cold water. Place them in a serving bowl.
Placed the prawns, mussels, clams, garupa and greens into the boiling the chicken stock. Do not overcook the seafood. Once cooked, dished them into the serving bowl together with the emperor noodle. Garnished with coriander leaves and serve.

From Steven Cheng


ICook4Fun said...

BBO, you bowl of noodles got so much of seafood 'liew' sure taste really good :)

Nilmandra said...

My husband bought me that book for my birthday. It really is fantastic, the range of noodle recipes in there. We love eating at the Wagamama restaurants here. Cheap and good, which is a rare combination for the UK!

pearly said...

hi dear :
thank for pop over .. merry xmas to you BBO all three of you , your blog is very interesting will link your blog in to . love the way you deco all those xmas cup cake look so yummy too and very xmas season too weldone love to be able to deco like you too I am very terrible with deco ekkek.# have a very happy new year too xxx

Beachlover said...

Aiyo...I also make some seafood soup today...hmmm...but yours look better with big prawn and garupa fish lagi!!..I'm going to called mine Emperress soup!!hahaha!!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hmm..yummy soup fit for an emperor...but i notice a chip at the edge of the bowl...emperor will execute you if u serve him with this

Unknown said...

hey!this is real good.I might going to make this during CNY..yummmy