Monday, May 12, 2008

Teochew Cooking with Master Chef Tony Gao, Guangzhou - Series 5


An elegant Chinese restaurant specialising in contemporary Cantonese delicacies and dim sum. The décor is reminiscent of the grand ancestral homes of Chinese-Malaysian tycoons from the turn of the century.




Fish Noodle

600gm Fish met paste
10gm Starch
1nos Chicken egg white
1/2tsp Salt
1/4tsp Sesame oil
1/4tsp Pepper powder
1tsp Chicken powder


20gm Chives
20gm Bean sprout
10gm Shredded mushroom
5gm Shredded green pepper
3gm Cut onions
1/2tsp Seasoning chicken powder
1tsp Fish gravy
1tsp Fragrant shallot oil
1/4tsp Pepper powder


1.Blend the fish meat paste with egg white and seasoning, place in the piping bag. Pipe fine noodles into hot water.
2.Blanch the fish noodles and set a side.
3.Work-fry with cut onions; add chives, bean sprouts, shredded mushrooms and shredded green peppers. Add seasoning. Lastly fry it together with fish noodles for a few more minutes.

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daphne said...

wow, fish paste piped into noodles. That must taste amazing.